“Over the past few years our chemical synthesis group at Sandia National Laboratories and the University of New Mexico have purchased both a 5-unit Solvent Purification System as well as a single person, standalone Glovebox from LC Technology Solutions, Inc.  We purchased one of (if not the) first solvent purification systems manufactured by LC in Summer 2008, and have had no issues at all with the unit since our purchase.  We looked at other manufacturers of similar equipment, but were impressed with the overall quality of the system as it was clearly a solidly-built piece of laboratory equipment.  Our group has not had any issues with the quality of any of the solvents, and are overall quite happy with our purchase. We do quite air- and moisture-sensitive organometallic chemistry and so most of our chemistry requires strictly anhydrous solvents.  Similarly, we were in need of another standalone Glovebox, and when LC began selling these we bought one for general laboratory use.  Again, we have been exceptionally happy with the LC glovebox and have had no problems whatsoever with it.  We have been asked for recommendations on both units by a number of friends and colleagues looking for similar items, and we feel no hesitation at all in highly recommending these items from LC!  The technical support and advice from Peter, Christa, and their team has been invaluable.  Highly recommended as a company!”

-Richard A. Kemp, Sandia National Laboratories & University of New Mexico

“We have purchased several custom DryBox systems from LC Technology and have been extremely happy with the quality support and service we have received from design and installation right through production. LC Technology has always been very responsive to our requests and more than willing to help out and do whatever is required to make our projects successful.”

-Tim Spencer, OLEDWorks

“From our initial contact to request a quote, through speedy delivery and installation, to ongoing excellent technical support and advice I could not have had a better experience than that provided by LC Technology. Perhaps the simplest and best recommendation I can make of their craftsmanship, service and technical support is the simple fact that when it came time to buy a second glovebox… I didn’t hesitate in my choice, and our second inert atmosphere system is ordered and on its way from LC Technology.”

–Michael Findlater, Ph.D., Texas Tech University

“When looking for a custom glovebox system on a tight research budget, we wanted both a quality system and service. Not only did LC Tech deliver a product that undercut every other company’s price point, but Peter Calandra’s constant direct interactions with us put us at ease whenever we had questions or concerns. So many aspects of the system we ordered were clearly engineered with great insight, and we were impressed by the wealth of features our system had that we never expected.”

-Tejas Shastry, Northwestern University

“ My group has been working with LC Technology since 2010. We have purchased several glove box systems and a solvent purification unit. As compared to competitors LC Technology finally offers quality products at reasonable prices. Overall, we are very satisfied with LC and the support is outstanding – beating all competition.”

-Dr. Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou, University of New South Wales

“I’ve worked with all of the major glovebox brands.  LC Technology offers the best value, the most flexible approach to customizing the system, and the best service on the market right now, not to mention their gloveboxes look terrific — a huge benefit when recruiting students or giving tours of the lab to the public.  A number of thoughtful features make these gloveboxes exceptionally convenient and practical, like LED lighting, a miniature freezer, low-profile HEPA filtration systems, vented three-way miniature antechambers and centralized vacuum.”

-Dr. Alexi Arango, Mount Holyoke College

“We really like the design!”

-Stanley Chou, University of New Mexico

“All around everything looks great and I am absolutely thrilled with all the clever design ideas. Great, great work!”

-Dr. Aaron Fafarman, Drexel University