LC Technology Solutions Incorporated was founded in 2007 on three main principles:

We design, build and supply the highest quality products available. Every component of every system was selected because it is the highest quality available. Each system is designed using Solidworks design software, the industry standard. Each and every system is tested 100% before leaving the factory.

We listen carefully to our customers and to the marketplace. We respond with innovative solutions to customer requirements and changes within the marketplace. You will find that our products meet and exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on our one-of-a-kind solutions and our high-quality standard products.

It is very important that the company you work with has employees with many years of experience. Our founder has over 30+ years of experience in design, manufacturing, project managing and selling gloveboxes, solvent purifiers and laboratory high pressure gas purifiers. This experience has been applied to and developed from over 3,000 projects ranging from very simple to extremely complex.

These three main principles are the foundation of LC Technology Solutions. We use these key principles daily to supply the highest quality systems available in the marketplace today.


Peter M. Calandra, Jr.
Founder & President of LC Technology Solutions Inc.

Peter first started in the glovebox business working for Innovative Technology Inc from 1986 to 1994. He spent those years selling, installing and building standard glovebox systems.

In 1994 he founded MBraun USA. This company began as a sales and service organization. Over the years Peter grew it into a manufacturer and designer of standard and custom gloveboxes for just about every imaginable application with 60+ employees.

Then in 2007 he founded LC Technology Solutions Inc., a leading manufacturer and designer of standard and custom glovebox systems.

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Salisbury, MA 01952
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Let our years of experience guide you to the perfect solution to your application.

Whether you need a glovebox, gas purifier or solvent purifier please contact us to discuss your application. We pride ourselves on our one-of-a-kind solutions and our high-quality standard products.