RGP-300 Gas Purification Systems

The RGP-300 Recirculating Gas Purification System is a complete stand-alone industrial size system. It is the main component of any inert atmosphere production or large-scale glovebox system.

The system comes complete with a Siemens PLC control unit that is used to control all the gas purifier functions. It controls the pressure in the glovebox, the regeneration process, purge function, oxygen and Moisture content and many other functions. It can also be controlled remotely.

The system includes 6 filter columns to remove oxygen and moisture from the inert gas environment and comes standard with three variable circulation speeds and three variable purge rates. The system is designed for 100% up time/continuous use for the most demanding production environments.

A large high-capacity gas purifier is an essential component to any industrial sized glovebox enclosure. Our system is perfectly designed for this type of demanding application. It is also available with manual and automatic solvent removal capability.


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