SP-1 Standalone Solvent Purification System

Our SP-1 standalone solvent purifier is a complete system built from the highest quality components available and has the capacity to handle up to seven (7) different solvents. The system delivers pure anhydrous solvent using a safe and reliable process. No more dangerous solvent stills.

It uses low pressure nitrogen gas to force solvent through various filter materials that remove moisture and impurities from the solvent, delivering moisture free solvent for your application cleanly and safely.

Our complete system comes with everything you need to start drying solvents. All you have to do is connect high purity nitrogen or argon, a power supply for the vacuum pump and you are ready to go.

These systems have been designed so that they are easy to operate and completely safe. These systems use a double filter design to ensure dry solvents with a capacity of up to eight hundred liters. The SPBT-1 and SP-1 are easily integrated into a glovebox.


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