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Maintenance Schedule

The maintenance schedule and recommended spare parts for your LC Technology glovebox system are shown below.

  • Gloves and glove o-rings should be changed once every six (6) months or as needed based on the condition of the gloves.
  • Vacuum pump oil should be changed at least every three (3) months or after a regeneration–whichever comes first.
  • Inlet/outlet filters should be replaced every six (6) months.
  • Large antechamber door o-rings should be replaced as needed.
  • Small antechamber door o-rings should be replaced as needed.
  • If the system is equipped with a solvent removal system, please follow the schedule below.
    • Internal solvent removal trap: change every month; Part No. SR-101
    • External solvent removal trap: change charcoal every three (3) months; Part No. FM-018

Spare Parts List

Part No.DescriptionMaintenance Schedule
GL-003Gloves, Left/Right, 1 pair (Universal can be used in any Glovebox)6 Months
OR-028Glove O-Rings (4 per pair of gloves)6 Months
SR-101Internal Charcoal Trap (Set of 12)Every Month
OR-1098” Antechamber Door O-Ring (2 per door)
(LCBT & LCPW Glovebox Systems)
As Needed
OR-111Large Antechamber Door O-Ring (2 per chamber)
(LC-1 Glovebox Systems)
As Needed
OR-110Small Antechamber Door O-Ring (2 per chamber)
(LC-1 Glovebox Systems)
As Needed
FL-102Inlet/Outlet HEPA Filter6 Months
FM-018Activated Carbon for Solvent Removal System (10lbs per column)3 Months
AN-023Replacement Sensor for Oxygen Analyzer for Model OXY-IQAs Needed

Contact info@lctechinc.com for a quote for any spare parts.

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