Custom Glovebox for ASELSAN in Turkey

ASELSAN, in cooperation with high technology institutes, aims to conduct leading edge technology development projects, such as those that deal with the basic elements of infrared detectors and night vision compatible displays. ASELSAN started organic light emitting diode based display research using Graphene, the extraordinary carbon allotrope, researchers of whom won the 2010 Nobel Physics Prize.

LC Technology just finished building a 42’ long glovebox system for OLED research and OLED display manufacturing. The system is comprised of 7 gloveboxes, 2 “T” chambers and 3 gas purifiers. Integrated into the system is a UV ozone cleaner, Dimatix inkjet printer, spincoater, Trovato Manufacturing 6 source thermal evaporator, Fisnar glue dispensing robot, and a UV curing and lamination station.

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Posted: September 11, 2014 in: Custom Glovebox Systems

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