Custom Glovebox Systems

LC Technology Solutions has extensive experience with designing and manufacturing custom gloveboxes and gas purification systems. Regardless of your application, we can design a system that meets your specifications. Our history with custom designs includes systems for titanium welding, laser welding, OLED manufacturing, thermal vapor deposition, solar cell research, lithium-Ion battery manufacturing and research, nanotechnology, heart pacemaker manufacturing, contact lens manufacturing, air sensitive handling of chemicals, potent compound containment and many more applications.

We can design and build custom systems from very small to very large and complex. Send us your application information and we will design a solution for you. All our design work is done in-house using Solid Works engineering software which is the top-of-the-line industry standard for designers. Each project will receive full engineering models for design discussions and approval.

LC Technology has the capabilities and the experience to design and build a custom system for any application. Please contact us to discuss your custom system requirements.

Custom Glovebox with Integrated Equipment

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Let our years of experience guide you to the perfect solution to your application.

Whether you need a glovebox, gas purifier or solvent purifier please contact us to discuss your application. We pride ourselves on our one-of-a-kind solutions and our high-quality standard products.