LCWC-1 Tig Welding Systems

The LCWC-1 series of welding chambers are complete systems for welding under inert gas. These systems are argon purge chambers that are regulated by an oxygen analyzer which make a perfect environment for welding titanium, stainless steel or any air sensitive material.

These systems can include an 8” diameter x 15” long antechamber, an access door for introducing larger parts, an automatic purge function, welding feedthroughs and an over pressure relief valve. This system can also be combined with our RGP-1 series of gas purifiers. The LCWC-1 systems are offered in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and with or without the sloped front window design.

LC Technology can make a custom weld chamber to your specifications. We have extensive experience designing and building custom systems in all shapes and sizes including systems designed for robot welding. These systems can come with large custom antechambers with pneumatic doors for loading and unloading parts, base plates for mounting robots or large turn tables to access hard to reach areas. These systems can be designed as purge systems or can integrate with one of our RGP-1 gas purifiers.


Extra Large Custom Antechmaber-

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