Manufacturing products under inert gas conditions is in high demand. We have designed a custom line of glovebox systems to fit this application. Plate systems, large gas purifiers and high speed antechamber processing are just a few of the features included on these special systems.

Some applications for manufacturing under inert gas conditions include contact lens production, OLED production, semiconductor production, medical device manufacturing, CO detector production, and battery production.

These systems are generally designed with a base plate to aid in the mounting of automation equipment and conveyor lines. They usually include a robot station(s) and high speed entrance (load) and exit (unload) antechambers.

The base plate design allows for simultaneous design and production of the automation line and the glovebox enclosure. This reduces the lead time for the entire system dramatically. These systems are typically between 30 feet to 100 feet in length but can be any size required to accommodate your manufacturing needs.