SPBT-1 Benchtop Solvent Purification System

Our SPBT-1 bench top solvent purifier is a compact yet complete system for safely drying solvents and was specifically designed to fit on a bench top or under a fume hood.

This point of use system is perfect for small or single use solvent applications. This high-quality unit is a small package but has the same capacity as our larger unit as well as all the same high-quality components. Our SPBT-1 has merely been repackaged to fit into a small space.

This unit has the advantage of being used in any location within your lab such as the corner of a lab bench or inside a fume hood. It could also be mounted above or below a glovebox. The system is only 27”H x 9”W x 15”D and can fit almost anywhere.

The system comes complete with a small 5-liter solvent keg that can be easily disconnected and refilled. Since this small keg only holds 5 liters it removes the requirement of having a bulky fire cabinet. The flexibility of this system is one of its best attributes.


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